Some Desserts Are Worth Melting For…

olaf melting

My family and I have recently started a yummy tradition that we love to do together. Yep, that’s right- a YUMMY tradition! It all started when my friend decided that she wanted to live at my house during winter break. Well, not literally live at my house, but spend the night almost every other day. This friend of mine happens to love desserts, so we decided to start a tradition where we try a new dessert place every time she comes over. We have tried everything from the traditional Yogurtland, to Sprinkles, to Confetti, to Creamistry, and of course Afters. However, there was one dessert place that stood out to me, and I can say that this place is by far the BEST dessert place that I have been to so far. Continue reading




This week we watched yet another movie in English, The Seven Samurai. This time the movie we watched reminded me of my six close friends. Including me there are seven of us total. Yes, exactly seven, which happens to tie in perfectly with the movie. Just like the seven samurai, my seven friends and I have a special bond that makes us even more than friends. We are more like the seven sisters.

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Procrastination helped me?


I know. Usually procrastination has a negative connotation. However, in this case, procrastination was what I needed. I wasn’t having the best day and my English group and I were supposed to go outside to talk about the book we were reading. But, us being the loud group of girls that we are, PLUS it was the end of the day, AND we were all tired, we ended up going off topic. My group and I actually ended up having to move to another table because my friend was making loud whale noises.┬áLoud whale noises? Yep.

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I sat on the grass, staring at a fence with weeds crawling over the top, and three palm trees swaying from left to right in the distance. There are little plants growing around the trunk of two trees but one tree had not been invaded by the tiny green leaves. This tree stood out to me. “Is this what I’m supposed to notice?” I thought. Why am I sitting on the grass, staring at trees, in my fifth period English class?

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The BIG picture

spot the difference

Can you spot the three differences in these two pictures? I love playing these types of games! However, sometimes I focus too much on the tiny details that I forget to look at the big picture. In life, I think we naturally do this too, but it is important that we don’t spend too much time thinking about the little details. We have to enjoy the beautiful scene as a whole.

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