Some Desserts Are Worth Melting For…

olaf melting

My family and I have recently started a yummy tradition that we love to do together. Yep, that’s right- a YUMMY tradition! It all started when my friend decided that she wanted to live at my house during winter break. Well, not literally live at my house, but spend the night almost every other day. This friend of mine happens to love desserts, so we decided to start a tradition where we try a new dessert place every time she comes over. We have tried everything from the traditional Yogurtland, to Sprinkles, to Confetti, to Creamistry, and of course Afters. However, there was one dessert place that stood out to me, and I can say that this place is by far the BEST dessert place that I have been to so far. What makes this dessert place so special? Well, there is a little story to go with my reasoning for why this place is so awesome.

dessert collage 2

I was hanging out with a big group of my friends, and we had just finished eating dinner. Of course, after eating a delicious dinner, we needed to top the night off with some dessert. But now the big question was, “Where should we go?” Usually, I would be satisfied with just a cup of frozen yogurt, or a cone of ice cream, but on this night, none of those things were going to satisfy my taste buds. I wanted a WARM dessert. I wanted something that would fill me up and give me comfort on this chilly night.


We were trying to brainstorm some places that sold warm desserts, but unfortunately, none came to mind. My friend remembered that there was a Mrs. Fields Cookies store close by, and all my friends agreed that it was okay to go there. On the drive there, I imagined myself biting into a delicious, soft, freshly baked cookie with colorful M&M’s mixed into the batter. Finally, we arrived at the store. I jumped out of the car, secretly filled with tons of excitement to get the warm dessert that I craved. But, to my disappointment, Mrs. Fields Cookies had closed several months ago, and now, in its place,was a Golden Spoon, another dessert place that doesn’t sell warm desserts.


It wasn’t until recently that I finally found a place that sells exactly what I have been looking for! Not only, do they sell cold snow ice, but they sell warm desserts as well, and not just any kind of warm desserts that I would have to settle for because no other places sell warm desserts, but heavenly, crave filling, stuffed mini waffles. I ended up ordering four mini, Nutella stuffed waffles topped with sprinkles of powdered sugar. Let’s just say that my mouth could not handle such amazing goodness.Snoflakez definitely filled my craving for a warm dessert.


Ice cream and yogurt make us smile on the days that we are feeling down, but there is something about warmth that gives us a special kind of happiness. Warmth comforts, protects, and relaxes all of us and makes us feel secure and at peace. There is nothing better than cuddling up in a blanket, on the couch, while eating Nutella stuffed waffles.

– Kimberly

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