Live Simply!


Life hack- a strategy or technique to make life easier and more efficient.

This week I learned a new life hack. I had another weird lesson in English about, “How to fix a toilet.” My teacher gave us many helpful tips and tricks, so that we can save money and not have to call a plummer. The main thing that I got out of this lesson was that I have been using a plunger wrong. In order for a plunger to work you have to make sure that it is not just filled with air, otherwise, as Mr. T said, “You look like a worker at hot dog on a stick making lemonade.” The trick it to not just stick the plunger in the toilet and start pumping, but to put the plunger in the water and let some water go under it before you start to unclog. Another option is to fill the “bowl” on the plunger with a little water, and then quickly turn it over and stick it into the toilet. As strange as this lesson may sound, I think the tips will be very helpful and will save me lots of money. This lesson also made me think about all the life hacks that I use, and I would like to share a few of my favorites to help make your life easier!

1.) Have you ever had only a little bit of shampoo left or a few squirts of ketchup left in your bottle? To get the content to go to the opening, just hold the bottom of the bottle with the top facing down and swing it back and forth a few times. Your shampoo or ketchup will be easily available in just a few swings. Thank you physics!

shampoo 2


2.) Isn’t it frustrating when you are in a hurry and the shirt you want to wear is marked with deodorant stains? The solution is a white sock! Rub the sock over the deodorant stains and they will come right off!

sock 2


3.) The most annoying thing is when you are doing your hair in the morning and you have a ton of fly away hairs that won’t stay in place. All you need is some hairspray and a toothbrush (of course not one that you use to brush your teeth). Spray a little hairspray on your hair and then comb them down with the toothbrush. Your hairs will stay in place and you will look fabulous! 😉



4.) This tip is for people who wear contacts. To get every last drop of solution out of the bottle, gently shake the bottle and give it a little squeeze. A squirt of solution will be released. Continue this step and you will get almost a full tablespoon of solution out of the bottle, enough to fill your whole contact case or “cage.”

contact solution

5.) The final tip is one of my most used life hacks. Have you ever worn a “see through” shirt and you want your undershirt to line up with the top of your shirt? Or, have you ever been frustrated because your under straps won’t stay hidden under your wide cut shirt or tank top? The trick is to take a small piece of double sided stick tape and tape your undershirt or straps to wear you want them to be. The tape is clear so nobody will notice and the tape is sticky enough that it will hold all day.


I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and found them helpful! Remember to live life simply!

– Kimberly

One thought on “Live Simply!

  1. I love these life hacks! They’ll be very useful and I think I’ll definitely use the contacts one and maybe even for the flyaways! Much appreciated advice. (:

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