The BIG picture

spot the difference

Can you spot the three differences in these two pictures? I love playing these types of games! However, sometimes I focus too much on the tiny details that I forget to look at the big picture. In life, I think we naturally do this too, but it is important that we don’t spend too much time thinking about the little details. We have to enjoy the beautiful scene as a whole.

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Comic Relief

laughing animal

Comedy has a very important use other than to make people laugh. For a moment, it relieves you from pain or sadness. It distracts your mind from struggles and stress. Comedy is something that we can all turn to to escape from the adversities of this world and put the smile on our faces that we all need. It can turn a negative situation into a more positive situation.

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Suffering and Struggles into Strength and Success

superman logo

In English class last week, we watched an inspiring movie called Hoosiers. At first, I was very confused why we were watching this movie, but then I realized how it related to the book we were reading in class, and I also realized that the movie reveals a very important life lesson. We can turn our suffering and struggles into strength and success.

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