Beat the Heat


Last week was scorching hot! I got about five times tanner just by sitting in the sun at lunch. The heat was so horrible that it drained my energy and I couldn’t think or even move a finger! However, on Thursday, I had no choice but to work outside in the heat. Let’s just say that this was not the best experience.

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Procrastination helped me?


I know. Usually procrastination has a negative connotation. However, in this case, procrastination was what I needed. I wasn’t having the best day and my English group and I were supposed to go outside to talk about the book we were reading. But, us being the loud group of girls that we are, PLUS it was the end of the day, AND we were all tired, we ended up going off topic. My group and I actually ended up having to move to another table because my friend was making loud whale noises.┬áLoud whale noises? Yep.

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