Stuck inside a snow globe?

Have you ever felt trapped inside a bubble. You have a problem, and you feel like no matter what you do, there is no way to escape. The snowman in this video thought the same thing, he couldn’t get out of his snow globe. He tried several different ways to escape, but each time he failed. I too felt like the snowman, but I knew that if I kept pushing myself to resolve the conflict, I would escape my snow globe and enter paradise.

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Let it go

So I know that many of you have probably heard thousands of different versions of the song, “Let it go” from the extremely popular Disney movie, Frozen. Above is my favorite version of the song, of course besides the original.  “Let it go” just recently won an Oscar award for best song, and I definitely think it was deserving. This song has been stuck inside my head for the past week, and I realized that it has revealed to me an important life lesson.

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My comrades


“They are more to me than life, these voices, they are more than motherliness and more than fear; they are the strongest, most comforting thing there is anywhere: they are the voices of my comrades. I am no longer a shuddering speck of existence, alone in the darkness;-I belong to them and they to me; we all share the same fear and the same life, we are nearer than lovers, in a simpler, harder way; I could bury my face in them, in these voices, these words that have saved me and will stand by me.”

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