I sat on the grass, staring at a fence with weeds crawling over the top, and three palm trees swaying from left to right in the distance. There are little plants growing around the trunk of two trees but one tree had not been invaded by the tiny green leaves. This tree stood out to me. “Is this what I’m supposed to notice?” I thought. Why am I sitting on the grass, staring at trees, in my fifth period English class?

Yes, I just said that in my English class I got to stare at trees. Sounds weird right? Actually, it was a really amazing experience. It was nice to let my mind take a break and just enjoy all of the beautiful things around me. It reminded me to appreciate all of God’s beautiful creations and have a time of peace and quiet. Lately, I have been so caught up in stress and business from school and extracurricular activities that I forget to set aside time for myself to just relax and and enjoy the view around me.

Advice from a Tree

After my classmates and I sat on the grass for several minutes, my teacher said something that I will never forget. He said that our school is special and beautiful because of US. The scenery and nature on campus might be beautiful, but what really makes our campus shine is the students. He said that he knows how hard all of us work, and how even though we might be overwhelmed and stressed, we still come to class everyday with a smile on our faces. We are the ones that make our school truly beautiful. So, as we celebrate Earth Day today remember that it is a day to appreciate the beautiful nature on Earth, but it is also a day to appreciate the people around you. We are also a part of Earth, and we are all beautiful too.

– Kimberly

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