Beat the Heat


Last week was scorching hot! I got about five times tanner just by sitting in the sun at lunch. The heat was so horrible that it drained my energy and I couldn’t think or even move a finger! However, on Thursday, I had no choice but to work outside in the heat. Let’s just say that this was not the best experience.

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Stuck inside a snow globe?

Have you ever felt trapped inside a bubble. You have a problem, and you feel like no matter what you do, there is no way to escape. The snowman in this video thought the same thing, he couldn’t get out of his snow globe. He tried several different ways to escape, but each time he failed. I too felt like the snowman, but I knew that if I kept pushing myself to resolve the conflict, I would escape my snow globe and enter paradise.

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There is No “I” in Teamwork


What is a team? I define a team as a group of people that work together for a common goal. A team is not just one person. It is a number of people, and each person is very important. Every person of a team contributes something that the team needs to succeed. Without one person, the team is not the same.

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