Ya know?

inseert catch phrase

Everybody has a catch phrase. A phrase that they ALWAYS say. Ya know? (This is my catch phrase) I think that everybody’s catch phrase is unique to their personality and is like a trademark that people remember you by.

My catch phrase represents my personality because I find that when I tell long stories, I tend to be very confusing and all over the place. I start to tell the story, and then I forget an important part of the plot, so then I jump back to add in an important detail, and then go back to where I left off. You guys are probably confused just by reading this. I guess you can see how my catch phrase came about because I have to make sure people are with me, ya know?

This week I found someone with the same catch phrase as me! In English class this past week, we watched the movie Rocky, and one of the main things that stood out to me was Rocky’s catch phrase. Every time I heard him say, “Ya know?” in the movie, it made me smile. I guess it was because it expressed his personality so well, and it made me realize what I must sound like when I talk.

However, Rocky is the only people that I have found so far that has the same phrase as me. Everybody typically tends to have their own unique phrase. My Spanish teacher always says, “¿Verdad?” and my Sunday school teacher’s favorite words to say are, “Long story short.” My friends and I actually counted one time and he said this phrase over 20 times in 45 minutes.  I think it is so fun to think about all of the catch phrases that people say, and it adds to the list of things that make every single person unique and special in their own way. Now usually, I would say that repetition is boring but in this case, I think it is a good thing, ya know?

– Kimberly

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