Let it go

So I know that many of you have probably heard thousands of different versions of the song, “Let it go” from the extremely popular Disney movie, Frozen. Above is my favorite version of the song, of course besides the original.  “Let it go” just recently won an Oscar award for best song, and I definitely think it was deserving. This song has been stuck inside my head for the past week, and I realized that it has revealed to me an important life lesson.

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Comic Relief

laughing animal

Comedy has a very important use other than to make people laugh. For a moment, it relieves you from pain or sadness. It distracts your mind from struggles and stress. Comedy is something that we can all turn to to escape from the adversities of this world and put the smile on our faces that we all need. It can turn a negative situation into a more positive situation.

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Have a Laugh!

So first of all, these babies are super adorable and just looking at them brings a smile to my face. Not only are they cute, but I think they show all of us something very important. Everybody, whether you are are young or old, or a male or female, deserves to have a good laugh everyday. According to dsc.discovery.com, there are ten important reasons why laughing is good for you.

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