My comrades


“They are more to me than life, these voices, they are more than motherliness and more than fear; they are the strongest, most comforting thing there is anywhere: they are the voices of my comrades. I am no longer a shuddering speck of existence, alone in the darkness;-I belong to them and they to me; we all share the same fear and the same life, we are nearer than lovers, in a simpler, harder way; I could bury my face in them, in these voices, these words that have saved me and will stand by me.”

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The “Cuddle Hormone”

Lately, I have been very stressed and I have been struggling to find a way to manage all of my stress. This year is much more challenging than all of my other school years, and I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with homework and extracurricular activities. The other day, I came across this video and I wasn’t sure whether or not I should watch it based on its title. “Can stress actually kill you?”

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