This week we watched yet another movie in English, The Seven Samurai. This time the movie we watched reminded me of my six close friends. Including me there are seven of us total. Yes, exactly seven, which happens to tie in perfectly with the movie. Just like the seven samurai, my seven friends and I have a special bond that makes us even more than friends. We are more like the seven sisters.

These six sisters have made such a big impact on my life. I can talk to them about anything and they are always there for me…literally. I can text them about my problems in our group chat and they will all respond immediately. We laugh together, cry together, and help each other get through the tough times. They have showed me the importance of relationships and have shown me the true acts of love and sacrifice. They are the samurai in my life that help me fight through the obstacles of life.


We all need each and every member of our sisterhood. Without a sister, we do not feel complete. Likewise, the seven samurai need each one of them to be unified. At the end of the movie, even though they defeated the bandits, they knew that they weren’t champions because they lost some of their brothers along the way. One man down. All men down. One sister missing. All of us feel like there is a part of us that is missing.

– Kimberly


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