The BIG picture

spot the difference

Can you spot the three differences in these two pictures? I love playing these types of games! However, sometimes I focus too much on the tiny details that I forget to look at the big picture. In life, I think we naturally do this too, but it is important that we don’t spend too much time thinking about the little details. We have to enjoy the beautiful scene as a whole.

Last week in my English class, we had a BRAWL (which is basically a spin off of a Socratic seminar) on the book we are reading, The Count of Monte Cristo. After every BRAWL, there is an online discussion where you can talk about anything related to the book or the in-class discussion. On the online discussion, a few of my classmates pointed out that many of us were over analyzing the book and we were missing out on the big ideas of the book. We were too focused on the specific details of the book, that we forgot to think about the reading as a whole. We missed important themes and character developments and didn’t really appreciate the message the author was trying to tell us. This is true to us in life.


Many times when we say we have a bad day, it was literally one event that brought the whole rest of our day down. We let this one part of our day affect us, and we forget to think about the all of the good things that happened that day. If you think about it, usually our bad days actually consist of way more exciting and joyous events, but we choose to only think about the negatives. If we start to change the way that we think and reflect on our day in a more positive way, I think that we can all live happier lives and really appreciate all that we should be thankful for. We have to stop focusing on the little details of the picture and just enjoy the view.

– Kimberly

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