Stuck inside a snow globe?

Have you ever felt trapped inside a bubble. You have a problem, and you feel like no matter what you do, there is no way to escape. The snowman in this video thought the same thing, he couldn’t get out of his snow globe. He tried several different ways to escape, but each time he failed. I too felt like the snowman, but I knew that if I kept pushing myself to resolve the conflict, I would escape my snow globe and enter paradise.

In my English class, we have been working on our innovation projects. Innovation projects are basically projects that we create, where we find a need and come up with a way to fill that need. My friends and I saw that there were only two recycling bins on our school’s campus, and we also noticed that water bottles and paper were being thrown into trash cans, where they would not be re-used. So, my group and I decided that we were going to put more recycling bins around campus, and not only that, but we would use the proceeds from the recycled items to benefit our grades’ commission.

dont be trashy

We were very excited to start our project, but our excitement blinded us to all of the problems that we would face. We had to get approval from the vice president of activities, we had to get signatures from several different administrators, we had to call and make arrangements with Rainbow Disposal and Home Depot, and we had to make sure our project wouldn’t conflict with the recycling club at our school. We didn’t consider all of these steps we would have to take, and we did’t realize how much time we would have to sacrifice to start our project.

After many months of getting approval and coordinating with several people and companies, we finally got our recycling bins on campus, last week.  However, we ran into more problems. Our announcement that we submitted didn’t get announced, our bins were getting blown over by the wind and getting moved to different locations, and students were not throwing their recyclable items into the bins.  Despite all of these new problems, we didn’t give up and continued to work hard to resolve our conflicts.

dont give up

This week, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the problems that we were facing. Many of our bins are almost completely filled, and my group and I are very pleased to see that are project is becoming a success. We know that we will run into more conflicts as our adventure continues, but even if we find ourselves back inside the snow globe, we have to remember to keep trying and eventually we will be set free.

– Kimberly

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