Made with love


“What do you think about giving gifts?” I absolutely LOVE giving gifts, but not just any kind of gifts, special gifts. I love giving gifts that mean something to the person that is receiving them. To me, gift giving is a way to show a person how well you know them, and how much your relationship with them means to you.

I do not believe in having to buy expensive gifts. Actually, my favorite gifts that I have ever received were two giant handmade cards that I received in the mail. Both of the cards were completely filled with pictures and inside jokes and words that showed that my friends cared about me. This goes to show that presents don’t have to be bought with money, but they can just be made with love. This is why some of my favorite gifts that I have ever given were also gifts that were just made with love.

The gifts I give usually incorporate what I know the person likes, or something that they have mentioned before. Then, I use my favorite hobby, baking, to create a special gift. Now, if baking is not your thing, then use your favorite hobby to make your gifts. If you are an artist, draw them a masterpiece. If you like to knit, make them a beanie or scarf. If you are an actor, film a video. Use your talents and skills, to create something amazing.


My friend’s favorite color is pink. She always wears a least one pink article of clothing everyday. My friend is also obsessed with penguins and chocolate. So, for her 16th birthday, I made her 16 pink, penguin chocolate cakepops.

penguin cakepops

My other friend’s favorite movie is Wreck it Ralph. So, for her birthday, I made her some “You’re my hero” cookies that replicate the cookie that Vanelope gave to Ralph in the movie.

you're my hero cookies

So, the next time one of your friend’s birthday is coming up or a holiday (Valentine’s day is just around the corner), don’t stress about having to go out and buy an expensive gift. All you have to do is include lots of thoughtfulness and love.

– Kimberly

2 thoughts on “Made with love

  1. Those are the cutest, most adorable, creative, and delicious looking cake pops I have ever seen!!!!!! These deserve a million hugs and LOTS of love. I’m sure your friend must have been thrilled to receive your homemade gifts. I just can’t help but stare at the picture of the Pink Penguin Cakepops and I love how you made a little bow tie with two heart sprinkles. Great post kimberly, the tastiest post so far!

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