yay I didn't die

I did it! I made it past first semester finals week! It was a very long week filled with struggles and stress, but I SURVIVED! However, there is one thing that I absolutely HATE when entering finals week, and that is borderline grades. Borderline grades put so much pressure on you because you have to score extremely well on the test in order to either maintain your grade or bring your grade up the few decimal places you need to reach the next highest grade. My math grade going into the final was 90%. I needed to ace this test or score a very high “B” in order to keep this grade.


I didn’t have my math final until the very last day of testing, so all I could think about during the week was this borderline grade. If I didn’t score a high enough grade on the test, I might just barely miss the mark of keeping my “A” in the class. What if I missed problems that I knew how to do, but I blanked out while taking the test? What if I didn’t spend enough time studying? It would kill me to know that I worked so hard to just miss the cut. All of these thoughts kept racing through my head, but then my parents gave me some encouragement.

finals week

They told me that they knew I had been trying my best on everything from tests to homework, and in the end, that’s all that matters. If a “B”  or even a “C” is my best than it’s okay. In the long run, it is just a grade, and as long as I know that I worked super hard and I learned something in the class, the letter isn’t important.

I realized that I can’t let grades bring me down because they don’t tell me how hard I’ve worked or that I tried my best. Only I can determine these things, and if I know that I did everything to the best of my abilities, I should be proud of myself. I shouldn’t focus on the few decimal places that I was short, or the goals I didn’t achieve, but I should be proud of what I accomplished and know that I worked hard to get there.

So, as report cards come out soon, remember to think about your situation with a more optimistic view. Start seeing the glass half full, not half empty.

half full

– Kimberly

2 thoughts on “I SURVIVED!

  1. Nice post! I’m also so relieved that finals are over and its a brand new semester!! Which means I can start the year with all As. I also had borderline grades in a couple of classes so I need to make sure that it doesn’t happened to me this time!

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