The Road of Life


There are many unexpected things that come up in our lives. We don’t know everything that is going to happen, so we can’t plan for life like we plan for a vacation. We can’t pack all of the necessities of life so we are always prepared. Even when we do pack for a trip, there is always that one thing that we forget. We are never fully prepared for anything. So when surprises and changes pop up in our lives, we have to learn how to adapt to the situation to the best of our abilities.

I am only a student in high school, so I haven’t really been faced with any big surprises in my life yet. I know that as I get older, I will have to face many unexpected events and my future will be filled with twists and turns and bumps along the road. But as I am driving down the road of life, I can’t let those bumps and turns make me get off the road and give up. I have to go over the bumps and reach my destination. But even after I reach my goal, the journey that I took to get there is the real prize.


There are many unexpected things that happen in life. You might have to move because you have a new job, or a family member or friend might have just reached their last days, or a tornado might have just hit your town. Some of the unexpected things that happen in life aren’t even that big. For example, this week I was faced with a surprise essay in English class. Now I know you might be thinking, “it’s just an essay, that’s not that a big of a deal.” Well it was a big deal, for me.

I have never been one who likes doing what they are told to do. I like reading, but I only like reading the books that I like to read, not the books that they make you read in school. I like learning, but only the things that I like to learn, not the useless things like graphing parabolas, which I am probably never going to have to do in my career. I like writing, but only what I feel like writing, not what the prompt tells me to write. But even though I like to freely write what I want, writing has always been one of my weaknesses. So when I walked into class, and I found out that I had to write a five paragraph essay in forty minutes on the spot, I kind of panicked inside. Actually, I panicked a lot!

panic 1

But, I handled this situation as I should handle any unexpected situation in life. I went to the corner of the classroom and cried. Just kidding! I read the prompt, and just started writing. I kept writing down all of my thoughts and ideas and I didn’t dwell on all of my negative thoughts about how I am a bad writer and how I hate school. I didn’t give up the entire time, even though I thought the prompt as extremely difficult to understand. When the bell rang, I had written five paragraphs. Were they the best five paragraphs ever written? No. But, I was proud that I was able to get past the bumps on the road and reach my destination.

Now you still might be thinking, “It’s just an essay. What’s the big deal?.” It’s a big deal because my journey showed me what to do in unexpected situations. It showed me that I can’t dwell on all of the negative aspects or give up on life. And, it showed me to stay strong even through extremely difficult times. I have to keep driving, no matter what surprises and bigger bumps I face down the road.


– Kimberly

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