Comic Relief

laughing animal

Comedy has a very important use other than to make people laugh. For a moment, it relieves you from pain or sadness. It distracts your mind from struggles and stress. Comedy is something that we can all turn to to escape from the adversities of this world and put the smile on our faces that we all need. It can turn a negative situation into a more positive situation.

In this video, comedy is used to lighten this life or death situation.

Rachel has a gun pointing to her head. This is obviously a very bad situation. However, this video provides comic relief and allows viewers to recover from the pain that Rachel might face. For a moment, you forget that someone is in danger and that they are about to die. Instead, you experience laughter and your mind is not dwelling on the negative aspects.


Next time you are in tough situation, use comedy to brighten up your day. Tell a joke to a friend that is feeling down and needs some cheer. Watch a comedic video to relieve yourself from a stressful position. Surround yourself with funny people that will make you laugh and feel good about yourself. Comedy is always positive because as my English teacher would say, “You can’t be mean and funny at the same time.”

– Kimberly

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