Suffering and Struggles into Strength and Success

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In English class last week, we watched an inspiring movie called Hoosiers. At first, I was very confused why we were watching this movie, but then I realized how it related to the book we were reading in class, and I also realized that the movie reveals a very important life lesson. We can turn our suffering and struggles into strength and success.


The movie Hoosiers is loosely based on a true story about a high school basketball team that won the state championships. In the movie, Norman Dale is hired to be the new coach of a high school basketball team in Hickory, Indiana. He had lost his previous job as a coach for a college basketball team because he hit one of his players. As the movie progresses, the team begins to improve at each game, and soon they are undefeated. In the end, Hickory wins the state championship game. Norman Dale went through many struggles to get this team to become the state champions. Even though he had a rough past, he redeemed himself and used his suffering to create a positive outcome.

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Norman Dale can be compared to the character Dr. Manette in the book A Tale of Two Cities. Like Norman, Dr. Manette had a painful past. He was imprisoned in the Bastille for 18  years. However, he used this experience to keep his daughter’s husband, Charles, alive and to eventually get him released out of the prison La Force. Dr. Manette’s sufferings helped him become stronger and ultimately lead him to save another person’s life. “For the first time the Doctor felt, now, that his suffering was strength and power.”

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Both of these characters, show us that it is important to never let our struggles prevent us from achieving great things. Suffering is placed in our life for a reason, and that reason is to make us stronger. Everybody is going to be faced with difficulties in life, but we can’t let them defeat us. We must push through obstacles and use the endurance and strength we gain to redeem ourselves and reach success.

– Kimberly

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