This little boy Kai is so adorable and talented for his age. I have watched this video and I have listened to Bruno Mars’ song “Grenade” several times, but I haven’t really thought about the meaning of the song until now. When I listen to a song, sometimes I forget to think about what the lyrics really mean. I think catchy beats and the flow of lyrics are important but the overall message of the song is the most important. After thinking about the words to “Grenade”, I realized that the message is sacrificing for others.

“I’d catch a grenade for you. Throw my hand on a blade for you. I’d jump in front of a train for you. You know I’d do anything for you. I would go through all this pain. Take a bullet straight through my brain. Yes, I would die for you, baby. But you won’t do the same.”


The sacrifice in this song is extreme. He is willing to do anything for the girl he loves. He is willing to risk his life by jumping in front of a train for her. Wow, that’s sacrifice! However, he expects the girl to sacrifice for him in return.

I love the idea about sacrificing for others, but I disagree with the fact that we should get something in return. I believe that sacrifice is something that you do because you want to, not because anyone is forcing you to, or because you want something in return.

real love begins

In A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, Sydney Carton is willing to make a major sacrifice for the girl of his dreams, Lucie Manette. He tells Lucie that he is willing to sacrifice anything for her and her loved ones. He knows that Lucie will never love him back the way that he loves her, but he is still willing to make the sacrifice for her because he cares about her. He tells Lucie that he will make this sacrifice for her without anything in return. The only thing he asks is that she keeps this a secret, in order to protect her marriage. Everything he says is all for Lucie and he is not getting a single thing back. Now this is what I call true sacrifice!

for those i love

I think that sacrifice is very important. Sacrificing for others is a way to show that you truly care and love others and that you are willing to give up something for other people’s gain. However, it is important that you sacrifice something of meaning to you, otherwise it doesn’t mean anything. Sacrificing one of your cookies so your friends can have something to eat is too easy. Losing one of your twenty cookies isn’t really much of a sacrifice. Sure it is nice to share with your friend, but sacrifice is more than that. Now, I am not saying that you have to be as extreme as the the man in the song and take a grenade for another person, but I do think it is important to make sacrifices for others out of the goodness of your heart.

– Kimberly

2 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. I have never thought of the song Grenade that way before!! *mind blown* I would always just sing along mindlessly to the radio without actually interpreting the lyrics. I am also currently reading the book A Tale of Two Cities. I am in love with Sydney Carton (even though he is an alcoholic with really low self-esteem). His heart and affection for Miss Manette makes me want to just into the story and help him back onto his feet. Sacrifice is the one thing that ultimately differentiates people: in terms of selfishness, love, passion, and care. Sacrifice and genuine love is what sets Sydney Carton out from all the suitors. ❤

    • I totally agree with you in that Mr. Carton is different than all of the other suitors. At first, I wasn’t really fond of him because I thought he was always just drunk and rude. As his more emotional and softer side was revealed, I grew to love him and also want to help him turn his life around.

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