There is No “I” in Teamwork


What is a team? I define a team as a group of people that work together for a common goal. A team is not just one person. It is a number of people, and each person is very important. Every person of a team contributes something that the team needs to succeed. Without one person, the team is not the same.

The Ohio State University Marching Band is super entertaining and they are also very talented. I could not take my eyes off of the screen while I was watching this video.

There are many different instruments that make up a band. Each instrument contributes greatly and without one instrument, the music would sound completely different. Not only would the songs sound different, but their formations would also look different. The whole performance would not be the same without each and every member of the band.

Being a cheerleader, this is what I call teamwork. Every time I watch this video, a huge smile spreads across my face. I am so amazed by this cheer team’s talents and abilities.

Like the marching band, each member of the cheer squad is very important to the team. Without a member, the stunt groups and formations would not be complete. Without one of the girls on the team, there would be one less flip, one less smile to be seen, and one less talent to be shown. Each girl is essential for the stunts to hit and for the performance to look as spectacular as it did.

recycling team

In English class, my team and I have been working on our innovation project. We are going to put recycling bins around our school campus, and donate the money we raise from the recycling to our grades’ commission, so our class can have an awesome senior year. We are also going to donate some money to charities in our community.  Each member of the group plays a very important role in our process to complete the assignment. Without one of the members of my group, our whole project would not be the same. Every person has contributed an important idea and every person has a specific job that is needed for our project to succeed.

As the saying goes, there is no “I” in teamwork but there is a “we.”

– Kimberly

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