The “Cuddle Hormone”

Lately, I have been very stressed and I have been struggling to find a way to manage all of my stress. This year is much more challenging than all of my other school years, and I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with homework and extracurricular activities. The other day, I came across this video and I wasn’t sure whether or not I should watch it based on its title. “Can stress actually kill you?”


Knowing that I have been very stressed, I didn’t want to find out that I could possibly die. This would make me even more stressed and not help my situation. But, being curious, I decided to watch the video.

At first, all of the scientific facts made me frightened that I might actually die from stress. I was about to exit out of the video, but I decided to keep watching to see if there would be any helpful tips. As I continued to watch the video, the hormone Oxytocin came to the rescue. It turns out that Oxytocin helps fight the effects of stress. The video also revealed that the way to get more Oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone,” is to spend time with family and friends.

After finding out this information, I was very relieved that there is an easy cure to stress. All I have to do is spend time with the people I love being with the most. This reminded me of how thankful I am for my family and friends and how much I appreciate them. Not only because they help me manage my stress, but because they are always there for me and they do so much for me because they care about me. They brighten up my day and make me truly happy. I don’t know what I would do without them. Can spending time with your family and friends help expand your lifetime? I think yes.

– Kimberly


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