After Every Fall, Get Back Up

My jaw dropped to the floor after I watched this video. This man put in so much of his time and effort and in the end, it payed off. His hard work and dedication created something truly amazing.

One memory that I know almost every child experiences is learning how to ride a bike. The first time your parents take off your training wheels, you feel like a big kid. You have seen your parents and older siblings ride their bikes without their training wheels and you think, “I can do it. It looks so easy.” Then, after you get on your bike and make the first pedal, you find yourself on the floor. Now you are thinking, “Maybe it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I will never be able to ride a bike without training wheels.” And just as you are about to give up and cry, your parents pick you up and tell you to try again. After my parents told me to try again, I was thinking, “Are you crazy? Did you not see what just happened?” But, I eventually listened to my parents and got back on my bike. And you know what happened? I fell right off my bike and was back on the ground. This continually happened again, and again, and again. However, the day finally came when I rode my bike all by myself. This day reminded me that all of my practice and persistence paid off. I could have stopped trying the first day, but instead I pushed myself to do what I knew I could do.

Like this man I believe it is very important to never give up and to keep pushing yourself to do your very best. Every person’s life is like roller coaster. There are ups and downs and twists and turns, but even in the scary times, it is important to not lose hope. When I fail miserably at something, I get very discouraged and I feel like I am never going to accomplish my goal. Why should I try again if I am probably just going to fail again? That is not the right attitude. Everything takes time, and with patience and a little encouragement, you will reach your destination.

In the book Oedipus at Colonus, the Chorus says, “Though some must fall, or fall to rise again, time watches all things steadily.” Oedipus had lost everything. He lost his father, his mother, his home, his reputation, but even after all of this, he go back up. He didn’t end his life and give up, but he tried making the best out of his situation and took some time to get his life back together.

I’m sure it took the man in the video an extremely long time to set up all of the dominoes and make sure each domino was in the correct place. I’m sure there were several times where all of the dominoes fell and he had to start all over again. But, each time one of those dominoes fell while he was trying to accomplish his goal, he picked them right back up and created something amazing in the end. And like those dominoes, after every fall, get back up.

– Kimberly


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