Have a Laugh!

So first of all, these babies are super adorable and just looking at them brings a smile to my face. Not only are they cute, but I think they show all of us something very important. Everybody, whether you are are young or old, or a male or female, deserves to have a good laugh everyday. According to dsc.discovery.com, there are ten important reasons why laughing is good for you.

1. It decreases stress.

2. It helps coping skills.

3. It improves blood pressure and flow.

4. It provides a burst of exercise.

5. It impacts blood sugar levels.

6. It manages pain.

7. It boosts social skills.

8. It reduces aggression.

9. It energizes organs.

10. It boosts the immune system.

Laughing helps you maintain a healthy and happy life. One laugh a day can keep the doctor away.


Not only is laughing important, but I think it is also important that we take notice of the simple things in life and realize how much we have. In the video, I noticed that all of the babies laughed at simple things, and they were amused very easily. Sometimes we take the things we have for granted, when we should really be giving thanks. We should be thankful that the sun is out, that we have clothes to wear and food to eat, that we have people who care about us, and even the fact that we are alive. So, the next time you are having tough day, stop and take a look around you. See how blessed you are to be here on the earth and be grateful for all of things and opportunities you have been given. Take a deep breath and have a laugh!


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